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Recording students' reactions to live online lessons!

Iolma enables you to take part in interactive lessons via live video chat with professional teachers all over the world FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME". :D And in order to document this, we have decided to take a couple of sample students from our vicinity and see how they react to our system!

The set you see here in this photo actually ended up becoming part of one of our earliest promotional videos, the 6-minute presentation video we created for Iolma at the very beginning of our project, before we even went live with the website!

Here we have Cuban guitarist Junior Zambrana working with Cuban maestro Joaquín Clerch on Joaquín Clerch's own transcription of the "Ocho Valses Poeticos" (Eight Poetic Waltzes) by Spanish composer and pianist Enrique Granados, originally written for piano during the early 20th century.

And our last addition to this series features Icelandic guitarist Ragnar Árni Ólafsson working on the beginning of the majestic opera-inspired masterpiece by composer Mauro Giuliani, the Rossiniana no. 1 op. 119!

You'll find the lessons with Ragnar and Junior here at iolma.com at "Recorded Lessons". Those particular two lessons are free to watch for registered users! Take a look and see what the Iolma experience looks like :)