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The First Live Stream Concert of iolma!

What an exciting day! 

Last week, Sunday the 5th of May, we hosted our very first fully online live stream concert! We chose the beautiful concert hall of the Handwerkskammer Dortmund, as it provides good acoustics and enough space to arrange the microphones. And ....yeah, we were invited to play there, so it was an easy decision :D

Each of us (from left to right: Junior Zambrana, Andrea Gonzalez, Mircea Gogoncea, Maestro Joaquin Clerch and ME behind the Cam) was pretty tired as we had to take the train at 8.22 a.m. to be there in time and prepare for the concert. The engineering team had to be there even earlier to set up the whole equipment needed to ensure a high quality audio and video live stream!

Marco Alleata and his team did an awesome job there! In the blink of an eye, we were ready to go online!

We were so happy that everything worked so well and we didn't have to face unsolvable problems! In the first half of the concert we were out of synch, but luckily and due to Marco's professionalism, we overcame this issue. During a live stream event, EVERYTHING IS LIVE! That means, no time for a last soundcheck 2minutes before the concert, no time change the strings, and definitly no time to .... iron your skirt :D

We hope that each of you enjoyed this live online event (more to follow very soon), soon we will publish the whole concert and some backstage footage for your enjoyment :)