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Looking forward to teaching your very own interactive music lessons?

Welcome to iolma, a complete platform for remote live teaching.

teach musicyour own way

Teach students from across the globe with no need to travel, at times of your choice and for fees you decide, while our technology makes it feel like face-to-face lessons.

you want

Teach from any location of your choice, such as from a studio or even from the comfort of your home.

you want

Set a schedule that suits you, knowing that you can reach students from any timezone around the globe.

you want

Make your own rules by setting the lessons levels, fees and durations exactly the way you see fit.


The school's students and teachers don't any longer have to be in the same room for lessons to take place.

More flexibility for the teachers

The interesting prospect of teaching from home opens for the school’s existing teachers. At the same time, the flexibility iolma brings by eliminating the need for a daily commute means schools can begin attracting teachers from out of town.

Expand the student base

Besides proposing the school's current students an exciting and practical alternative to the typical commute, iolma provides the schools a unique opportunity to expand their student base, by enabling their teachers to reach students from across the world.

Just like face-to-face lessons

During face-to-face lessons, one can quickly shift focus to the point of highest interest, but this wouldn’t be possible using the traditional web communication tools. Starting from this, we have developed our unique multiple-cameras technology, making it possible to instantly focus on details during the remote lessons, and thus making the learning process more natural. And this is just a random example of how a solid understanding of the teaching process guided the entire development of iolma.

Complete comfort

Unique ergonomic features designed in consultation with world-renowned teachers (such as using a foot-operated pedal to switch between cameras in real-time and with no delay*) crucially contribute to an effective and pleasant lesson experience.

* Foot-pedal operated switching available for all iolma Studio Systems

Passive income

Users of iolma.com can, for a fee, watch the recorded lessons posted on the website. The fee for viewing is set by the teacher of the respective lesson and can vary from lesson to lesson. This feature allows you to generate additional income even after the lessons took place, by simply recording*, editing and uploading it on the website.

* The possibility to record a lesson is subject to the student providing their consent in this respect, as expressed during the booking process.

Optimized time allocation

Teaching from a location of your choice not only reduces your travel expenses, but it also allows scheduling lessons in the time otherwise spent travelling, or in the “down” times from your agenda.


As iolma eliminates the distance-related inconveniences, you can now work with previously out-of-reach students.

Time differences as an advantage

Being available for lessons outside the regular working hours of your country can now be an advantage. Such availabilities allow you to match the working hours of other timezones, thus establishing the grounds to attract new students form the respective timezones.

Keep in touch

Students relocating doesn't any longer mean you will lose them. Using iolma, you can keep on working with your students even if they are away.

No upfront fees, no mandatory payments and a fair business model

With no upfront fees or subscriptions, our business model is to retain between 20% and 40%* of the lesson fees to cover all the technological and operational costs. This way, you are free of any burden and we only make a profit when you make a profit.

Special offer might be applicable. Please contact us for details on our offer.

* Depends on specific conditions and on the number of lessons taught

Free to choose the hardware

You can use your own computer* for teaching live lessons, or, for guaranteed results, you can rent purpose-built iolma Studio systems.

* See the Requirements tab in the Start Videocall page

Quick response

Using iolma grants you the ability to quickly adapt to demand. For example, it takes you only a few minutes to schedule a lesson to help a student polish those crucial little details right before an audition.


Students can book lessons only after they have paid the lesson fee, so, when contacted for lessons, you can be sure of the students’ commitment.

Logistics made easy

The integrated payment system means you don't have to go through the hassle of administering every transaction.

Good visibility

Once listed on iolma, your profile is highly visible and students can find you easily. At the same time, features such as the recorded lessons allow you to best showcase your teaching skills.

Part of a community

Becoming part of an ever-growing worldwide community of music students and teachers can help you build up a healthy online presence, while also greatly expanding your network of professionally-relevant contacts.


This handy step-by-step guide explains in detail how our platform works.

... and if it sounds good to you, JOIN US!

Create an account (registration is free) and then contact us to let us know you are a teacher. A member of our staff will get in contact with you to set up your teacher account.