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Martin Zimny
Martin Zimny, born October 2nd 1988 in Munich, Germany, is currently finishing his studies at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf, Germany with Cuban guitarist Joaquín Clerch as the only German representative in this class. 

He won prizes in several national and international competitions (such as "Johann Sebastian Bach Guitar Competition") and played concerts across Europe, from Serbia to Spain. He took part in festivals and workshops in Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Serbia.

Before moving from Bavaria to Düsseldorf in 2009, he studied with Augustin Wiedemann in Munich and joined the "Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation" as a scholarship holder. 

In 2010, Martin Zimny recieved the "Live Music Now" scholarship, founded by Yehudi Menuhin in London, which allows him to perform in numerous charitable venues. 

In 2013, he recieved the Promos-Scholarship that enabled him to play a concert tour in India. In the same year, he was awarded the Richard-Wagner-Scholarship.

He recieved and attended masterclasses by some of the most renowned names of the classical music scene, such as Eliot Fisk, Marco Tamayo, Carlo Marchione, Zoran Dukic, Roland Dyens, Dimitri Illarionov and many more. Furthermore, he attended masterclasses and lectures by Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Alfred Brendel, Siegfried Jerusalem, Tom Krause and Grace Bumbry. 

Martin Zimny has been working as a guitar instructor for almost 10 years. Besides teaching private lessons, he was employed in several municipal and private schools.

Besided guitar, he studies musicology and Early Music with Prof. Antony Spiri and plays in several chamber ensembles and rock bands. He took part in the orchestral production of "Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell in collaboration with "Deutsche Oper am Rhein" as a basso continuo player.  [ CLOSE BIOGRAPHY ]

Düsseldorf , Germany Deutsch , English , Français , Español

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Highway to Hell / Welcome Home

teacher Martin Zimny

Beginner / student Alexei Balaganski / language English

This lesson features two very famous guitar riffs, "Highway to Hell" by legendary band AC/DC and "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria, as well as showcasing some very useful basic technique exercises for the electrical guitar, focusing on both the right and the left hand.
Community Manager Martin Zimny takes up the teacher role in this session and works with Russian student Alexei Balaganski. ...

The First Live Stream Concert of iolma!

What an exciting day! Last week, Sunday the 5th of May, we hosted our very first fully online live stream concert! We chose the beautiful concert hall of the Handwerkskammer Dortmund, as it provides good acoustics and enough space to arrange the microphones. And ....yeah, we were invited to play there, so it was an easy decision :D Each of us (from left to right: Junior Zambrana, Andrea Gonzalez, Mircea Gogoncea, Maestro Joaquin Clerch and ME behind the Cam) was pretty tired as we had to take ...

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Sonatina Meridional by Manuel Maria Ponce

teacher Joaquín Clerch

Master academy / student Andrea González / language Español

In this lesson, Cuban maestro Joaquín Clerch works with Spanish guitarist Andrea González on the 1st and 2nd movement of the Sonatina Meridional by Mexican composer Manuel Maria Ponce. ...

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Sonata for guitar Op. 77 (Omaggio a Boccherini) by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

teacher Joaquín Clerch

Master academy / student Koen Claeys / language English

During this session, Cuban maestro Joaquín Clerch works with Belgian student Koen Claeys on the 1st movement of the "Sonata for guitar (Omaggio a Boccherini)", Op. 77 by Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. ...

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Rossiniana no. 1 op. 119 by Mauro Giuliani

teacher Joaquín Clerch

Master academy / student Ragnar Arni Olafsson / language English

During this session, Cuban maestro Joaquín Clerch works with Icelandic guitarist Ragnar Arni Olafsson on the beginning of the Rossiniana no. 01 op. 119 by Italian classical composer Mauro Giuliani.

Opera music on the classical guitar.


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Capriccio no. 5 by Niccolò Paganini

teacher Joaquín Clerch

Master academy / student Radu Vâlcu / language English

During this session, Cuban maestro Joaquín Clerch works with Romanian student Radu Vâlcu on the 5th Caprice for violin solo by Italian composer and virtuoso violonist Niccolò Paganini. A very special technique-centered lesson. ...

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Ocho Valses Poeticos by Enrique Granados

teacher Joaquín Clerch

Master academy / student Junior Zambrana / language English

During this session, Cuban maestro Joaquín Clerch works with Cuban student Junior Zambrana on Joaquín Clerch's own transcription of the "Ocho Valses Poeticos" (Eight Poetic Waltzes, original for piano) by Spanish composer and pianist Enrique Granados. ...

Will we ever run out of music?

Today, I want to share a very interesting science video with you made by one of the most popular Youtubers out there, Michael Stevens from Vsauce. Some of you might already know him (as musicians tend to be nerdy ;) ), and in this particular video, he‘s talking about a topic which was very polarizing for me at first: Will we ever run out of music? I don‘t want to spoil it for you, but („You know my brother once told me? That nothing someone says before the word „but“ really counts.“ Anybody ...

Traveling with your instrument

In a land far, far away OR Traveling with your instrument As young musicians, we are often confronted with the situation of carrying our instrument and its ability to play (mostly ourselves) to a location far, far away. As adventureous it may sound at the beginning: Traveling with your (oversize) instrument implies many, many obstacles, mostly unexpected ones. I want to share one of my very own experciences with you, which I wasn‘t able to anticipate. T‘was a long time ago, when I was on a ...