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How it works - Start teaching in easy 5 steps

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1. Become a iolma teacher

  • Click here to create a regular account (registration is free) and then let us know you are a teacher, by using this contact form and choosing "I am a teacher".
  • Edit your profile, adding all the relevant details for your students.
  • A member of our team will get in touch, to assist you in setting up the account.
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    2. Set up iolma Videocall

  • No upfront fees and no subscriptions mean you are relieved of any financial burden, and you can start teaching as soon as you create your account. Our business model is to retain a percentage of the lesson fees, so we only gain when you gain.
  • For the live lessons you can use your own computer or you can rent* iolma purpose-built Studio hardware. Working in collaboration with teachers, we designed our hardware to provide optimal ergonomics, and, as a result, it incorporates a series of unique features, such as real-time foot-pedal operated switching between the three cameras.
    * subject to availability
  • To use your own computer, with up to three cameras download iolma Videocall from the Start videocall page, where you'll also find a complete guide on how to use it.
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    3. Publish your availability calendar and lesson fees

  • You have complete freedom in setting the fees, establishing the conditions and the durations of the lessons, as well as in choosing the student levels you accept (from beginners up to master class students).
  • Using the availability calendar, publish the times when you are available, so students can book lessons in the respective timeslots.
  • For your complete peace of mind, students can book lessons only by paying the lesson fees in advance.
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    4. Talk to your students

  • Keep in touch with the students to discuss all the lesson details, by means of our internal messages and e-mail reminders system.
  • Following your discussions with the students you can accept or decline bookings, at your complete discretion.
  • The system provides maximum flexibility: you can easily reschedule a lesson if necessary, or even change the lesson fee.
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    5. Teach lessons and get paid

  • 72 hours and again 6 hours before the lesson start time you will receive e-mail reminders, and all you have to do for the lesson to begin is to be online, logged on to iolma Videocall and call the student at the the lesson start time.
  • Once the lesson ends, if it was successful, the lesson fee will be transferred to your iolma Wallet.
  • To protect your interests, we have designed automatic mechanisms to determine, in the case where a lesson doesn't take place, why this happened - for example, if the student didn't show up for the lesson you will still receive the predefined no-show fee.
  • If the student agreed for the lesson to be recorded, you can decide to record the lesson and then publish it on the iolma website for other students to view (for a fee or gratis).
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